This site is brought to you by the Village of Hanover, primarily as a means to communicate with its citizens. In this section, you’ll find information about Village government and other area elected bodies.

Village of Hanover

  • Village President — Donald E. Schaible
  • Village Clerk — Natasha Ritchie
  • Board of Trustees — Dale Teberg, Bob Gable, Erin Muphy, Bob Nolan, Duane Brotherton, Lyle Zigler 
  • Village Hall/Services
  • Police Department — Mike Kuzniar, Chief     p/t officers:  Cathy Straight, Scott Toot, Jody Landwer, Jeff Doran
  • Zoning Board
  •  Zoning Administrator — Diane Gallagher    Zoning Board — Randy Holland, Jeff Brueggen, Mike Weede, Kathy Gable, Heather Brotherton
  • Liquor Commissioner — Donald Schaible


Hanover Township

Area Representation

Hanover Post Office: 

Located at 220 Jefferson St., Hanover.  Postmaster:  Dan Nolan.  Phone # 815-591-2219.  Lobby Hours: Monday – Friday:  7:45am – 9pm, Saturday:  7:45am – 6pm  Window Hours:  Monday – Friday:  9am – 1pm & 2:15pm – 4:30pm, Saturday:  9:30am – 11:45am.




Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

You can view a pdf copy of the annual drinking water quality report here. If you have any questions please contact the Village Hall.


Recycling Program thru Montgomery Trucking

Paper Products:  Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, & office paper.  Corrugated cardboard (including CLEAN pizza boxes), gray chipboard (example: cereal, cracker, & shoe boxes), paper towel & toilet paper cores-staples are OK.  Phone, paperback, and hardcover books.  NO greeting cards, wrapping paper, Styrofoam, slick coated boxes.  NO paper plates, towels, cups, or napkins.

Plastic Containers:  Symbol #1 – #5 and #7 only – Must be rinsed clean.  Household containers (Milk & juice jugs, pop and water bottles, shampoo, lotion, detergent, and dish & liquid soap containers, yogurt & ice cream containers, etc.)  NO plastic with #6 symbol, plastic bags, oil and antifreeze containers, plastics without a recycling symbol, styrofoam, medical supplies and sharps!  Remove and discard all caps, lids, rings, and pumps.

Metal:  Aluminum, tin, and steel cans, metal jar lids, EMPTY paint/aerosol containers.  All metal must be clean!  No car parts, oil filters, pesticide and chemical containers.

Glass:  NO GLASS in the recyclables…Please put all glass in with the regular weekly garbage.

Recycling is picked up every other Thursday (see Community calendar for dates).  Recycling is accepted in containers up to 45 gallons.  Make sure they are marked for recycling so it isn’t garbaged accidentally.  All recyclables can be placed in the same container (co-mingled).  Make sure you have out the night before, or by 6:00 am.


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